We got it!!!!

Beyond excited this morning as our offer for our new place was accepted yesterday! Yay! Now it’s that wait for moving dates and all of the things I’m unaccustomed to, like making sure the blueprints match, which they didn’t. So a mine field of paperwork is our next step. 

In the meantime it gives me time to look at a more relaxed pace at other potential homes that require more work than ours, that would be an amazing investment for others. Obviously you by now realise that I love Viterbo and there are many potential investment opportunities within the surrounding areas. One such place is called Bagnaia (pictures above) This town is just about 5km from the walled part of Viterbo, has those magical cobbled streets and lovely feel that is prominent within the Viterbo area, plus the amazing gardens of Villa Lante. But the best part of all is the price, you can snatch up some beautiful places for very little and Even more bizarrely the cost of construction isn’t cost prohibitive either. In fact my sister-in-law who lives in much more expensive Rome recently bought a flat and had a brand new kitchen and bathroom installed, the total cost of the gutting of the old and the installation, plus the brand new kitchen cost only 10,000€, for those of you who have installed either a bathroom or a kitchen in America you know they are the most expensive rooms and to do one for that cost well is extraordinary! 

So back to my blueprints, once we have the new ones from the seller we have to go to city hall to request some changes for ourselves. First thing we are planning to do is knock down the wall between the sitting room and the kitchen. I already have the kitchen picked out, for those of you who haven’t lived in Italy it may seem strange but kitchens and anything that isn’t glued down by law has to leave the house, unless you list the place as furnished. So basically you will get a bare place with maybe a tap/faucet. My next task will be to pull out the shower and put in a bathtub with a shower above it. Much more comfortable with 2 kids! 

My most exciting project will be last as it’s the biggest, we have an upstairs in the new place, half of this attic is a finished room, the other is currently the storage as it’s still got the unfinished terracotta floor and unfinished exposed beams. Our goal is to actually turn this and the surrounding areas currently just a low lying roof in to a gorgeous outdoor roof patio! Keeping the terracotta and hopefully repurposing the beams around the edges of the roof. This will be a huge project but has me already planning doors and walls, sound boring? Look at a couple of options I’m considering below. Because our house is within the medieval city walls it was constructed at that time (approximately 1216) it has ridiculously thick walls so I can create the perfect doorway! I know it’s pathetic but I lie awake imagining walls and doors! 

So I’ll keep you posted on our stages and I’d love to hear from anyone who is considering buying out here. I’m now going to take a break and take my kids to the children’s driving school here, yes you heard me correctly, they actually have little cars that the kids take lessons in, they even have to pass a verbal driving test to show they understand the rules of the road and all of the signs. I think it’s a brilliant step towards adult road safety! If you have kids and want to visit it here is the link to Parco Scuola del Traffico Roma 


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