Rome trip tips! 

Why does time drag when you’re waiting for something? Please hurry up future home! The heat here in Rome isn’t helping either. I’m not complaining about the gorgeous weather, more regretting not having air conditioning in the flat here. 

So to keep our sanity we visit some of our favourite (and cool) places. This got me thinking about how when our friends come to visit Rome I end up writing a sort of guide for them about some of my favourite places here and just useful tips as well. So I thought I’d share some with you, just in case you have that urge to come visit Rome! 
My go to places in Rome
Castroni, Via Cola di Rienzo, via Ottiviano etc (there are multiple locations) Great place for coffee (I get mine to bring back to America from here) It is also a shop selling international foods etc so if you’re staying in a self catering environment and miss something from home, chances are they will have it. Also know that when you want to go for a coffee, tea, prosecco etc, at a bar,  you pay before you order if having it at the bar, if you plan to sit then it will be a different cost and you would order from the waiter. Their website here

I’Isola Della Pizza. Via degli Scipioni 41/49 (not too far from Vatican City) This place is amazing! Even though this place does delicious pizza, they also have wonderful pasta and the bistecca/ grilliata mista is fantastic, comes on a sizzling plate with potatoes mmmmm(steak and mixed meats grilled) But my favorite thing they do here is just order the antipasti first (do it before you order your main course in case you’re too full!) This is a huge selection of local appetizers, grilled veggies etc that are delicious, definitely get some ricotta di bufala. Also check out the clientele, this restaurant has always got celebrities dining in it, I once sat next to Andrea Boccelli and opposite the Rome football team!

Gianfornaio – Via Attilio Regolo, 12/A, 00192 Roma. This is a great place to go for lunch or breakfast or for snacks, everyone will love their tavola calda and their 10€ all inclusive aperitivo is fabulous. My kids go nuts in here with all of the pizza options! Their pizza is “al taglio” meaning they will ask you how big a bit you want and they cut it for you and then heat it up. They will then give you a ticket to go pay for it and any drinks you want. There is no extra charge to dine in, so find the first table you can because this place gets packed!  There are quite a few other locations, but this one is just parallel to Via Cola di Rienzo which is where I go a lot. They have free wifi and super bathrooms, which is rare! Also all of the locations have the same food/features.

Alice. This is another pizza al taglio place, however this is a chain in Rome, they are all over the city and are delicious. Not all pizza is as good. Though its hard to go wrong there, you just may fall into some expensive tourist traps.

Perugina Store Via del Corso 29. This is a really fun chocolate shop in Via del Corso, right where you will definitely be at some point, as it’s next to the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo. great prices on everything Italian chocolate and has great souvenirs too.

Gelarmony Via Marcantonio Colonna 34 This is one of my favourite gelaterias, mainly used by the locals, you can’t go wrong with gelato here. And you absolutely must try the brioche, you basically select 3 different flavors and panna (cream) and they put it inside, like an Italian ice cream sandwich, mmmmmmmm

Trimani  An amazing place specialising in wine,   So it’s heavy on the wine selection yet has a small but delicious menu to complement it.

Antonini, 2 locations in Pratti, your best bet is the one over the river tiber from the spanish steps (Via Sabotino, 19/29) Great place for aperitivo, which is my favorite time of day. Same rules apply as in the café, if you sit down and get table service it will cost more. When you order aperitivo in Italy you will order a drink (I always order a prosecco, Surprised?) And they will give you pizzette and snacks for free with it. I always order tartine con gamberi (shrimp on soft milk bread with lemon) but there are lots you can try, plus mignon (small cakes) I also like this place for their tavola calda which translates to hot table, it’s a way to fill a plate with your selection of yummy food, almost like the most delicious canteen 😆

Vanni, Via Col di Lana, 10. Great food and good people watching too! They have a sleek new bar inside and one out on the street, they’re set up for every meal and snacks, so you can head here for any meal or just to watch some of the uber stylish locals whilst sipping your aperitivo or your morning cappuccino. It’s also a perfect free wifi spot too.

If you have time, visit the all night bakery, where you can get the pastries fresh out of the oven, there are two good ones,Dolce Maniera, Via Barletta, 27 and Antico Forno Roscioli, Via dei Chiavari, 34. These are where all the local bars and shops get their pastries and nothing beats the flavour of fresh pastries. 

So hard to list all of my favourites, there are just so many amazing places to go and some delicious things to eat and drink. So I hope this helps you plan a trip or at least get inspired to head out to this amazing and beautiful eternal city. 

Non of these locations were listed due to compensation, these are just my tastebuds leading you! 


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  1. You make me want to buy a ticket today! Wow! best of luck to you

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