Plans, blueprints and sanity 

I had such plans, great (maybe a little over my head plans) plans to check out every rehab-able building from Viterbo to Nettuno, but some how my plans seem to have a life of their own! I did go to both places and of course force myself to eat some delicious food, I know poor me. But as soon as I stepped into the gorgeous city of Viterbo I was in love with it! 

My husband is fond of saying that the city of Viterbo is like living in a functioning museum, and he’s not wrong. The history is everywhere and yet the city feels fresh and modern at the same time. It started as a bustling city in the 8th century and became the home of the Pope around 800 years ago, they have even discovered an underground city which you can take a trip down into, they’re also opening another 5 kilometres of tunnels (all gorgeously lit of course) A bit of history here. I often find myself expecting to bump into some Hollywood production company who should be using this city as a back drop for some a new Indiana Jones or some such film, seriously picture worthy! See some films that already used this city here

Some underground city/tunnel images

So, even though I love the beach we’re going to Commit to buying a home in this fantastical city, after all the beach is still only 25 minutes down the road! Our estate agent showed us some amazing places, lots that need a lot of TLC and some that have minimal work. I even saw this amazing house that had a hole in the roof that went through to the basement, a full 4 stories! We’re also only looking within the city walls so the spaces are not that of rolling countryside and  Tuscan gardens but more cobbled streets and the roof garden type. 

I kitted myself out for this adventure in some breezy flat sandals, having mourned the loss of heels in said cobblestones before. Imagining a day full of intense walking from location to location, but to my absolute surprise I fell in love with the first house we saw! We did of course put my flat shoes to some use looking at other places thinking it’s not possible to find “the one” straight off the bat, but no other compares for us. We even went back for a second viewing just to make sure we weren’t completely bonkers, but we still love it and are now writing up our offer for it! 

For those of you who live abroad and like me romanticise the ease of buying a home in Italy, don’t be fooled, yes I blame you Francis Mayes and that scene in Under The Tuscan Sun when they stamp a couple of papers in an estate agents office and voila she’s a home owner. I wish! No we have paperwork coming out of the wazoo and officials to see on a regular basis plus blueprints to see etc etc. I’m sure you get the picture. Fingers crossed we get this place and then that we can do the things we want to it! 

So for now we will wait. And when, fingers crossed, we get this place I’ll start sharing some of the pictures of it. Wish me luck!

Just a little taste of the food we just “had” to try!


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