North or south, the great debate 

How is it just a week can feel like an eternity? Well, maybe if I had realised that my daughters passport had expired before I started my plans maybe, just maybe it would have been easier. That frantic feeling was pretty prevalent until I got on the flight, best advice ever (well for those of you with kids that don’t sleep on flights it is) came from my friend Aimi who brilliantly suggested melatonin for my daughter. Amazing! It really would have felt truly brilliant if I hadn’t stupidly had a coffee in the afternoon and laid awake the whole flipping flight, grrrrrr. 

Anyway, I’ve now been in the gorgeous eternal city for just about 3 days, I’ve managed to pack in visiting 3 cities outside of Rome that had seemed like potential for my home project. First port of call was Veterbo. This is a beautiful medieval city about 60 minutes north of Rome and the last stop on one of the city metro train lines, which is the reason I picked it. A bit like that last stop on any tube line, close enough to commute but far enough to get the space you want. I was quite surprised by how lovely Veterbo was, meandering cobblestone streets and those amazing picturesque tiny streets the size of an alley that off shoot from every main street, gorgeous. 

Next we headed out to the other side of Rome. I loved how the north has the combined style of Rome and Tuscany, but I just can’t resist the thought of being near the beach. I love the south side of Lazio, that feeling of heading towards the Amalfi coast, an area I dream about having a forever home in. First stop was Priverno, which just didn’t have what I was looking for unfortunately, so then we drove to Terracina. Wow, Terracina is amazing! Truly gorgeous, historical and just fabulous, unfortunately a bit out of our price range but if you’re thinking about taking a holiday I would so recommend it, a great place solo or with family. Kind of reminds me of a glamorous version of holidays I had as a child to Cornwall 

So my great debate of north or south is definitely hinged upon what houses we can visit this week. I found some amazing deals on some great character properties in the north that I’m very excited to see (I’ll upload pics as I see the homes!) We also plan to visit our usual stomping ground this weekend, Nettuno. I love this place, the fact that it only takes 45 minutes to get here from Rome is a major plus. But also because we know it so well it’s like visiting an old friend. However the properties there tend to be more modern and not what I’m idealising as my holiday home. There is a great historic centre, it’s just never really available for sale. 

Please excuse all of the food pictures, I’m a little obsessed with the amazing seafood and as it’s approaching lunchtime I’m getting hungry! 

So the quest will continue and hopefully come to fruition, watch this space! 



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